• Mix 176


    MIx 176 "Burn to be Burned"

    01  Intro -  You Made Me Garbage
    02  The Great Society - Born To Be Burned
    03  Coven - Choke, Thirst, Die
    04  Gene Clark & the Gosdin Brothers - So You Say You Lost Your Baby
    05  Don Gere - One
    06  Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room
    07  Catherine Ribeiro Et Alpes - Ame Debout
    08  Don Gere - The Devil's Advocates
    09  Alexander Skip Spence -  Little Hands
    10  Jonathan Halper - Leaving My Old Life Behind
    11  David Koresh - Waiting On You
    12  Sir Richard Bishop - Hecate's Dream
    13  Heldon - In The Wake Of King Fripp
    14  Dr. York - Only a Dream

    by Nina Hartmann



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    (Something More Than Burnt...)

    William Cody Watson

    Arkansas veins carved by termites and vampires.

    Black eyes, red lips. TULIP like a cotton wisp of cigarette smoke. She loved it. Her arms pulled back. Fangs. Mouth hot, yeah. Sweet wetness. Gnashes. Hot mouth, miffed. Soft crinkle. That lust. It digs. Skilled. Sleeping in the pool, so red and deep. The lips bore into her Earth. Razors and more. Alright.

    Deep sunset long burnt. The skull, the sink, one more round in the blackest pistol. Night shaded. The hum, electrical. All those trees, cast iron. Weeping. A county road, yeah, a dozen more. TULIP walked in cut offs. Drug her limp. High heels in her hand. Dead dangling. Some leather there. Rotted out, sunk. Embryos deprived. Abortions, blackness, universe didn't exist. Lots of places light won't reach. Parlor trick. A shadow smoking.

    Some cages. Black eyes, blue lips. Slimy tongue. She danced. Somewhere. Gun unloaded on kitchen table. Held the baby's eyes closed. More razors. So silver, almost white. Supernova. He laughs. A red smile. Shook. "Goddamn you and goddamn all." More laughs. His crooked teeth. A vulture perched on a shoulder. More iron.

    DONNA scorned TULIP with a cigarette. Her tumor sank. Brought up black blood, lungs hot and dense. So much Chaos. So much Warmth. She's tired they'd said. SHEP looked out over the water. A county long forgotten. But them boys swam. Knew TULIP, but not DONNA, least not well. Nylon. Titties slick with sweat. Light all over. Her lips. They knew. Kicked her heels. Loaded their guns. She had a knife in her boot.

    Little kisses like whispers. Did SHEP in the bath. Long red, hot red. Said goddamn. No (god). Just red. Running over. Bloated pigs in the riverbed. End credits, but there's never an end to it.

    Red fades,

    Turns black.



    Little shovel still drops a lot of dirt on the coffin.

    Little bodies sink fast in the swamp.

  • Mix 175


    Mix 175 "Night Music"

    01   Morgan Krauss - Apt

    02  Neil Jenden - The Nightly Part I

    03  Olivia Block - Heave To (Part 1)

    04  Mwebb - A Woman Raised

    05  Secret Courts - Court One

    06  Mike Shiflet - Open Door

    07  Shiri Malckin - Black Onyx

    08  Terran Wretch - The Ship Builders

    by Mykel Boyd

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    William Cody Watson

         At some point I was young. I wore my favorite pair of Levi's, leather boots, and Rayban wayfarers like some kind of ceremonial garb. My hair was long and I was dead set to hang my heart above the entrance of my favorite bar, chew every woman's lips, and spit nails at the world in general.        

        Bullheaded and fool-hearted I was about to get in a true scrape with oblivion herself. Something heavy, something primal, and carnal and lurid and sultry and stinking and malevolent and real fucking sexy. 


         A place down the road, I came to learn that in the south, every step has a goddamned serpent coiled to strike and this is a short tale of remembrance.

         So, I woke up with the blond seraph pounding my brain. Before I decided to wash her away for good with the day's first Budweiser, I allowed myself to reminisce.

         She had smelled like vodka and ripe fruit. Electric blond, wires all kinds of twisted and frayed. The kind of girl that looks fresh off a motorcycle seat, a motorcycle that's never yours.                                

        Charlie Rich's "The Most Beautiful Girl" had charred a black spot on my brain. We must'd listened to it upwards of twenty times the night before. Left that jukebox smoking and seeping grease onto the floor.  

        Her tits had a sag but I liked that. She'd come to sport specifically, so I was sold. Truth told, we had history and I'd imagined sliding a string of crimson shotgun shells around her sumptuous neck a time or two over the years.

        The gossamer goddess was golden, but she could've used a wash, and hell, I needed a bath too. After we left the bar I coughed, getting head in the passenger seat of her pick-up and the ceremony turned bleak. Beer bloated and snarling, we slipped away into the night's vulgarity. Perhaps against our better judgments. 

         Rusted shut, rusted shit. And it was out of pure personal spite that I slipped a small, thin rattler of defiance, and perhaps ego, around my own neck and fucked her in the shower and then in her big, black bed. When she stopped getting wet, my cock went numb. Then my head went numb. Then my heart went numb and I knew we were doomed. It wasn't love and I realized it'd been years since I'd wanted it to be. Couldn't really even be sure it was lust.

         She offered me some coke but I declined. When she fell asleep, I ran away. Like I do. I took the three coldest beers in her fridge.

         Louisiana gripped me hard with its gray and black slab background mangled by gold and neon. It was deformed in its own beauty, really. I didn't even remember getting there. Didn't remember the hours spent hunkered down in the passenger seat of JR's car. I'd probably slept but it was a dreamless sleep. The rancid swelter of a no AC road trip in the dead of a southern summer. 

         When I fully came awake I was already sitting in an ashen bar on Royal Street. From a sticky stool, I watched the devil tickle ivory - some religious song of disease, a creole cadence of blackened sin. JR was telling me about the heat swirls that had danced through his vision on the drive. I just kept watching Satan herself at the piano, her head thrown back; eruptions of chaos coughed into reality from the back of her throat. Some people might have called it laughter. I wouldn't. 

         Eventually, as if I'd signed some contract, our eyes locked and our empty pits swelled and pulsed at each other like explicit, gesticulating organs. A mere half hour later I was eating her pussy in a hotel bed. No idea whose room that was. It certainly wasn't mine, and I had a strong impression it wasn't hers either. The sex went down like a murder scene, stark reds and flesh crawling like spiders. Orgasms could've been heard and quite possibly smelled from miles away. The room spun. My head spun. She passed out around 4am. While she slept, I tried on her shoes. 

         I took her panties to remember it. Told JR they were a trophy - but I casually dropped them in a trashcan on Canal and took the last pull from my warm can of Miller Lite. JR bummed me a Camel. More so, I relished in the fact I could drink in the street at 10am in front of a cop than the deviance of the night before. But then I touched my ribs and winced. I knew she'd dealt me a fatal blow, but what I didn't know was how long it'd sting before it truly did me in. 

         Up to that point, by God, I'd made sure everyone knew I didn't give a shit whether I was alive or dead, but at that very moment I knew that was all whimsical bullshit, because I saw her eyes light up in my mind and I truly feared the duvet she was draping across my death bed. Sporting is sporting til it turns to ceremony, I thought. There's no real love, just raw remorse of some kind or another. Then there's maniacal magic, macabre and rotten, and that's an entirely different kind of beast. Like I said - in the south, with every step there's a serpent. I should've had my eyes open long ago.

         Now, I'm older. Skinnier than I was then. I'm sick, yeah, but don't know how much or how bad. Definitely drunker on account of the nagging anxiety. I don't get much sleep and I talk more openly about being exhausted. But I'm still alive and I still don't cry. 

         There's been plenty more bloody sport; some celestial, some brutal, but mostly demonic. It all thrives in a place of pallid ruin. Fragrance of sex and odor of death become indistinguishable from one another.

         The kind of mystic dark conjuring of recent days, weeks, months, and years still pale in comparison to the torrid energy that sable-haired succubus pushed into my soul that night in New Orleans. I still whisper her name on sleepless nights and I'll run my fingers up and down my ribs. I won't mention her name here for your benefit - and maybe my own. 

         She's still there I'm told, and every time I cough now, I wonder if I'll awake the aborted God, some big fucking copperhead with tits, slithering forth from the most ancient abyss, a sky with no stars.     

         I'm writing this on my porch, still in Arkansas. Across the street I just saw a man shove something wrapped in trash bags into the trunk of a black Cadillac. He's talking to himself. I wonder if he knows I'm watching?

  • Mix 174


    Mix 174 "Never Well Again"

    01  Morrissey - Break up the Family
    02  The Feelies - Loveless Love
    03  Thin Lizzy - For Those Who Love to Live
    04  Wire - I Am the Fly
    05  Feederz - 1984
    06  Big Boys - Which Way to Go
    07  Fountainsun - Old Pine Tree
    08  Crystalline Roses - Unnatural Fire Forms III
    09  Black James - Shadow
    10  H100's - Ain't Too Young to Die
    11  Ill Bill - Dope Fiend '94
    12  Pissed Jeans - I Don't Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear


    13  Integrity - Dawn of a New Apocalypse
    14  100 Flowers - Head, No Heart
    15  The Cure - Object
    16  Royal Headache - Little Star
    17  Throbbing Gristle - AB/7A
    18  Young Marble Giants - Final Day
    19  Beat Happening - Cast a Shadow
    20  Born Beat - Elsie
    21  Sweet Tooth - Don't Come Close to Me
    22  Youth of Today - Put it Aside
    23  Siouxie and the Banshees - Jigsaw Feeling
    24  Moss Icon - Hate in Me
    25  Rites of Spring-Persistent Vision

    by Joseph Sulier

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  • Mix 173


    Mix 173 "Death Sweats on the Sand"

    01  John Cameron – Psychomania Front Title
    02  Poison Idea – Pure Hate
    03  Rod Rivers and the Big Action Sound – Before I Go Out
    04  Electric Eels – Cold Meat
    05  Charles Manson – Ra-Hide Away
    06  The Fall – Various Times
    07  Tommy Jay – Tough Luck Roy
    08  Armand Schaubroeck – King Of The Streets
    09  Electric Eels – Black Leather Rock
    10  Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Glider
    11  Jandek – The Janitor
    12  Black Randy and the Metrosquad – Down At The Laundromat
    13  Icky Boyfriends – Pigs
    14  Country Teasers – Lies
    15  Hasil Adkins – We Got A Date
    16  Eyehategod – Man Is Too Ignorant To Exist
    17  Leonard Cohen – Memories
    18  Swell Maps – New York

    By Raymond Kramp

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    A story of compassion and saintlike devotion in the streets of New Orleans.

    B.B. St. Roman is the only staff member for the New Orleans Police Department Homeless Assistant Unit. Before helping the homeless, she traveled the world, recording sound for documentaries involving shamans, Buddhist monks, and Mother Teresa. And at one point, she became the tour manager for Dr. John, Louisiana musician and legend.

    Now, she works full-time with the homeless. She tells her stories of Hurricane Katrina, shelter issues in the city, as well as planning and dreaming of ways to help those living in the streets. 

    Produced by Tyler Wray, Mike Martinez, and Garrett Crowe

    Photos by Robert Johansson 

    Music by Holy Gallows 

  • Mix 172


    Mix 172 "Falling Out, Falling In"

    01  Ataraxia - Deja Vu                    
    02  Ashra - Ice Train
    03  Henri Michel Raschle - The Magic Trip
    04  Ensemble Pittoresque - O.B.W.T.
    05  Rome - Der Brandtaucher
    06  Jon Anderson - Naon
    07  Harald Grosskopf - So Weit, So Gut
    08  Phew - Signal
    09  Michael Garrison - The Search
    10  Martin Rev - Mari
    11  Axxess - Dancing Shadows
    12  David Borden - Esty Point, Summer 1978
    13  Claude Larsen - Timbral Construction
    14  Herb Albert - Rotation
    15  Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot

    by TK Nicholson - October 2010

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  • EIS 012 Eyes Back on the Highway

    EIS 012 Eyes Back on the Highway

    A story of travel without destination.

    Scooter Tramp Scotty is a writer who’s lived on the road for over 20 years. Traveling across North America on an old Harley Davidson, Scotty never stays in a single place more than two months. In this episode, we find Scotty in New Orleans, Louisiana and Harlingen, Texas where he talks about becoming a drifter, finding places to stay, and the loneliness of the road.

    Photos by Robert Johansson 

    Music by Destruction Unit 
    Destruction Unit Live in San Francisco

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  • Mix 171


    Mix 171 "Early Uses of California Plants"

    01 The Summer Hits - Stony Creation
    02 The Go-Go's - Surfing And Spying
    03 The Hangmen - Bent
    04 The Flesh Eaters - See You In The Boneyard
    05 SSQ - Anonymous
    06 Faction - Let's Go Get Cokes
    07 The Weirdos - Life Of Crime
    08 The Deadbeats - Kill The Hippies
    09 Two Ton Boa - Bleeding Heart
    10 Desperate Teenage Lovedolls - Come On Up To Me.mp3
    11 Robina Chaffey Sings!
    12 The Motels - Counting (demo) 2
    13 Various Artists  - The Original Mixed-Up Kid

    by Max G Morton

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  • Mix 170


    Mix 170 "Space Mountain"

    Obsessed with Space Mountain. In September I rode it 17 times in 3 days. I listened to my own music.

    01  Brian Eno - The Big Ship
    02  Space Mountain 1977 TV commercial
    03  Front 242 - Operating Tracks
    04  Eleven Pond - Watching Trees
    05  Ministry - Same Old Madness
    06  Silicon Teens - Sun Flight
    07  No More - Suicide Commando
    08  Clan of Xymox - Stranger
    09  Martial Canterel - Windscreen
    10  Annie - Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)
    11  Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - Sacred Heart
    12  Psychic TV - The Orchids
    13  Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - The New Stone Age
    14  Lou Reed - Waves Of Fear
    15  Chrome - Something Rythmic
    16  Fad Gadget - Ricky's Hand
    17  Coil - The Wheel

    by Eric Owens

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  • Mix 169


    Mix 169 "My Other Life Is a Failure"

    01  Takako Minekawa - "Destron"
    02  Foxtrott - "Colors"
    03  N8NOFACE - 'Return the Fire"
    04  Fancy Mike - "VVVV, 1977"
    05  Porter Wagoner - "The Rubber Room"
    06  Borghesia - "Secret Affair No 1"
    07  Robert Palmer - "Johnny and Mary"
    08  Jim Sullivan - "Jerome"
    09  Minny Pops - "Time"
    10  Danton's Voice - "I Hear the Bells"
    11  Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics - "Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)
    12  Klaus Weiss - "Survivor"
    13  John Maus - "Bennington"
    14  Landscape - "Norman Bates"
    15  Daroc - "Serie B"
    16  Tony Banks - "By You"
    17  Art Fact - "Building"
    18  Axxess - "Dancing Shadows"
    19  Van Halen - "Sunday Afternoon in the Park"
    20  Trust - "Candy Walls"
    21  Ultravox - "Vienna"

    by Bomarr 

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  • EIS 011 Something Can't Be Everything


    A story of consciousness, love, and magick in vintage Hollywood.

    Robin Baker dreamed of becoming a Hollywood starlet. As a teenager in the 60s, she became a Whisky a Go Go dancer, socializing with famous actors and musicians. After meeting and marrying Jim Baker, a World War II veteran, restaurant owner, and spiritual leader in Los Angeles, Robin’s life took a different path. With her husband, she established the Source Family, a commune with over 140 members. But when Jim changed his name to Father YoHoWha and adopted strange rules for the commune, Robin’s role in the family changed forever. 

    Photos by Isvett Verde 

    Music by Filthy Huns 

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  • Mix 168


    Mix 168: A Gentile Persuasion

    01 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Baby
    02 Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
    03 Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion
    04 Egyptian Lover - I Cry (Night After Night)
    05 Future Brown - Room 302 (feat. Tink)
    06 Maxwell - Ascension
    07 Minnie Riperton- Inside My Love
    08 Hako Yamasaki - Wandering.mp3
    09 FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify
    10 Spooky Black - Without U

    By Heather Corcoran

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  • Mix 167


    Mix 167 "Girls in the Night Traffic"

    01  Sabbath Assembly - Lucifer
    02  The True Werwolf - Vampyric Magic
    03  Nick Gilder - Got To Get Out
    04  One Tail, One Head - One Tail, One Head
    05  Clive Pig & the Hopeful Chinamen - Happy Birthday Sweet 16
    06  Marie Hoy & Friends - Shivers
    07  Joyless - Close to God
    08  The Hangmen - Yes I Do
    09  Atomizer  - Wish You Were A Beer 
    10  Armour - Can't Resist Your Spell
    11  Nuit Noire - I Am A Fairy
    12  The Hudson Brothers - Spinning The Wheel
    13  The Walker Brothers - Death of Romance

    by Max G Morton

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  • Mix 166


    Mix 166 "Only Death is Certain"

    SIDE A
    01  Coneheads (feat. Cal) - I Used to be a Cheesepuff
    02  Devo - S.I.B. (Sweilling Itchy Brain)
    03  The Grifters - Hate
    04  Marion Black - Listen Black Brother
    05  Q - CQP
    06  Fear - Let's Have a War
    07  Rudimentary Peni - The Evil Clergyman
    08  Voight-Kampff - Last House on the Right
    09  Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth (Front Lines)
    10  Fred Friction - I'm Goin' Blind

    SIDE B
    11  T.S.O.L. - Wash Away
    12  George Harrison - Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)
    13  Hurula - Sluta Deppa Mig
    14  Fat Joe - The Shit is Real
    15  Crass - Contaminational Power
    16  Drunks With Guns - Enemy
    17  Bastard - Dear Cops
    18  The Proletariat - Options
    19  Life Like - Destruction Vice
    20  New Order - Truth
    21  Skinny Puppy - Love
    22  Brian Eno - Golden Hours
    23  Danzig - Sistinas

    by Joseph Sulier

    Life Like 

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  • Mix 165


    Mix 165 'Offshoots"

    01 Birth to Offshoots - Lil B/Excavacations
    02 This Is My Life - Joakim
    03 meadow dance - Golden Donna
    04 Physiques - People Get Ready
    05 Move On - David Bowie
    06 Mercuset (Deep Pill remix) - Glochids
    07 Alison - Slowdive
    08 New Life - Mallevs
    09 The Story Of Keys & Locks (Surgeon Remix) - Bee Mask
    10 My Body - Perfume Genius
    11 Palm Desert - Van Dyke Parks
    12 The Midnight Clear - Sufjan Stevens
    13 Doin' It Right ft Panda Bear - Daft Punk
    14 Raquel - Neon Neon
    15 Strobelight ft. Subtitle (Cosmic Kids Remix)‚ - DJ Wool
    16 Move in the Right Direction (Classixx Remix) - The Gossip
    17 Please call me, baby - Tom Waits
    18 Caesar's Palace - Soiled Mattress and the Springs
    19 Surgery (Medieval Rural Denture Remix) by Piers Whyte - Secret Mommy
    20 Moments Receding - Golden Retriever
    21 Faithful Unlawful - Silver Daggers
    22 Out Land - HOLOVR
    23 New Orleans - Former Ghosts

    by Excavacations

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  • RIP