• The King Snake

    by WIlliam Cody Watson

    "William Cody Watson may be one of the last great psychic vikings trapped in the tectonic slip of revelation and total oblivion. Gift or curse; Watson is a writer in the truest sense of the word—a writer’s writer, at that—the type that pulls themselves awake, sparsely dressed, in strange cob-webbed locales where gods and idols have never held jurisdiction, just to report back to nobody and everybody about whatever phantasms he met head on the night before. In The King Snake we find the courage to laugh at (and with) ennui in a manner that is nothing shy of fearless. Watson has mastered the ability to slouch towards nihilism and then spit warm whisky in its eye. Make no mistake: there is real blood on these pages. Words not written, but lived. For literary cosmonauts like Watson, it’s the only way."

    WN #07
    Edition of 50
    Cover by Cole Prentice
    Layout by Mike Martinez

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  • Mix 161


    Mix 161 "We Deal in Riots" 
    01  Harry Pussy - Peace of My Ass
    02  Harry Pussy - I Fought The Police
    03  Primitive Calculators - Shout
    04  The Germs - Media Blitz
    05  East Wall - Privacy
    06  Chris Burke - Lifeless Things of Commerce
    07  Danielle Dax - Pariah 
    08  Clair Obscur - Barake
    09  Achim Reichel & Machines - Come On, People
    10  Tara Cross - Waiting For The War
    11  Cylob - Are We Not Men Who Live and Die
    12  New Blockaders/Organum - Pulp Pt. 1
    13  Big Black - Passing Complexion 
    14  Plasmatics - Pig is a Pig
    15  Swans - Cop 

    by C. Lavender

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  • EIS 009 Practices of Enfreakment

    EIS 009 Practices of Enfreakment

    A story of autonomous abnormality.

    Mat Fraser is a performance artist who currently stars on the FX television show American Horror Story: Freak Show. Born with phocomelia, a condition that results in malformation of the limbs, Fraser embraces his disability through activism, art, and the carnie-sideshow experience. In this episode, Fraser tells the stories of his condition, his relationship with Coney Island, and how he entered show business with a physical deformity.

    Produced by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez, and Tyler Wray

    For more information on Mat Fraser

    Music by PC Worship 

  • Mix 160


    Mix 160 “Towards Zero”
    01  500 mg “Desert Codex”
    02  Mike Wexler “The Trace”
    03  Aminadav Aloni “Underwater Ballet”
    04  Hala Strana “Havazi I Dy Motrave”
    05  Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar “Prabhati”
    06  Scott Tuma “Fishen”
    07  My Cat Is An Alien “Fallin”
    08  Unknown female solo vocalist “Jean Renaud”
    09  Joachim Kuhn “Welcome” (Coltrane)
    10  Coronarias Dans “Morning”
    11  Aaron David Ross “Codex”

    by Mike Vallera

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  • Mix 159


    Mix 159 “I Hear Voices”
    01 Gino Washington- Around the Town
    02 Otis Redding- Let Me Come on Home 
    03 Wilson Pickett- Danger Zone
    04 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas- Heat Wave
    05 Eddie & Ernie- Outcast
    06 OV Wright- Gone For Good
    07 Marvin Gaye- Yo03 feeling goodu
    08 Robert Wilkins- That's No Way to Get Along
    09 Son House- Milkcow's Calf Blues
    10 John Lee Hooker- Time is Marching
    11 Miles Davis- You Don't Know What Love Is
    12 Sun Ra- Where the Pathways Meet
    13 Ornette Coleman- Lonely Woman
    14 D'Angelo- Spanish Joint
    15 Nina Simone- Feeling Good
    16 Al Green- Love and Happiness
    17 Marvin Gaye- Trouble Man
    18 Darondo- Let My People Go
    19 Baby Huey- Running
    20 James Brown- Tell Me That You Love Me
    21 Jimi Hendrix- Love or Confusion
    22 Screamin Jay Hawkins- I Hear Voices

    by Shiva Addanki

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  • Mix 158


    Mix 158 "Axl Rose Is An Anagram For Oral Sex"

    side a:
    1. ss decontrol - glue
    2. tercer mundo - presion
    3. no trend - tear you apart
    4. huggy bear - carnt kiss
    5. antioch arrow - the blessed test
    6. rocket from the crypt - pigeon eater
    7. groundhogs - cherry red
    8. slant 6 - i love you a lot
    9. the kinks - johnny thunder
    10. vogue- the frozen seas of io
    11. this heat - s.p.q.r.
    12. colin newman - & jury

    side b:
    13. echo and the bunnymen - no hands
    14. minimal man - to hold you
    15. moss of aura - sweat
    16. lungfish - shed the world
    17. moss icon - as afterwards the words still ring (silver bearing split lp version)
    18. three mile pilot - longest day
    19. the angels of light - my sister said
    20. karen dalton - reason to believe

    formatted to fit to a full 60 minute blank cassette for intended listening. 

    by ian casey / 25 DIAMONDS

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  • The Other (1972)

      One of them turns out to be good, while the other becomes rather evil.

  • Mix 157


    Mix 157 "Vaseline Alley"

    01 Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dazzle
    02 Grand Belial's Key - Foul Parody of the Lords Supper
    03 Madam X - High In High School
    04 The Spitters - Sun to Sun
    05 Dead And Gone - Leave the Dead to Bury the Dead
    06 Circle of Ouroborus - Reading Unwritten Books
    07 Mütiilation - Remembrance Of My Past Battles And Times
    08 Sixx -Sister Devil
    09 Born Dead Icons - Doomtown
    10 Soror Dolorosa - Scars Of Crusade
    11 Genöcide - Manson Youth
    12 Hard-Ons - Girl In The Sweater
    13 The Cramps - New Kind of Kick
    14 The Starlite Desperation - The Leaving Gene
    15 Suede - Picnic By The Motorway

    By Max G. Morton

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  • Mix 156


    Mix 156  "Rhythmic Disturbance"

    1. Ashburn County - The Storm
    2. Shock Therapy - X-Ray House
    3. Agent Side Grinder - Wolf Hour
    4. Ministry - Revenge
    5. The Damned - Under The Wheels
    6. Velvet Condom - Collapse In Slow Motion
    7. Sumerian Fleet - Just Pressure
    8. Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
    9. Alter Der Ruine - Tundra
    10. The Sisters Of Mercy - No Time To Cry
    11. Killing Joke - Stay One Jump Ahead
    12. Christ vs. Warhol - Cross of Lorraine
    13. Silent Scream - Spirit Invocation
    14. Hateful Abandon - There Will Never Be Peace
    15. Trepaneringsritualen - Castrate Christ
    16. Sect Pig - Mankind Dusted

    by J. Rolfe

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  • Mix 155


    Mix 155 "Untitled"
    01 Kurt Schwitters - dritter teil: scherzo - trio - scherzo (from Ursonate (1922-32) (Wergo)
    02 Crash (Thierry Müller) - File Ou Passe (Fractal)
    03 Douglas Quin - 64° 49’ S 64° 02’ W (excerpt) (Taiga)
    04 Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3 (Clone)
    05 Russell Haswell - 16:02.84, 2002, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt. (excerpt) (Editions Mego)
    06 Wire - A Question Of Degree (Harvest/EMI)
    07 Philip Corner - Piano Activities Pt. 2 (excerpt) (Alga Marghen)
    08 Korla Pandit - Ode To A Desert Love (Fantasy)
    09 Geir Jenssen - Stromboli (excerpt) (Touch)
    10 Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg - Der Schnarrkreisel Des Kleinen Fritz (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien)
    11 Monte Cazazza - Kick That Habit Man (Industrial)
    12 Six Finger Satellite - The White Visitation (Sub Pop)
    13 T++ - Aquatic (Erosion)
    14 Mike Shiflet - Rice Field, May 2006 (Ichinomiya, Japan, night) (self released)
    15 Section 25 - The Wheel (Factory Benelux)

    By Ning Nong
    Ning Nong radio on WFMU
    Monday mornings 3am-6am EST

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  • EIS 008


    A story of lawlessness while practicing organic methods.

    An anonymous couple live in an undisclosed part of northern California. Spearheading the back-to-the-land hippie movement, the Husband moved to the area in the early 70s while the Wife travelled the world as part of the Peace Corps. Now, the couple’s home rests off the grid where they grow a very special garden. This garden provides a peaceful and private lifestyle for the marriage. But what happens when outsiders jeopardize the couple’s way of life? Will the garden be destroyed? Or can the couple preserve their land and everything that grows within it?

    Produced by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez, and Tyler Wray.

    Music by Holy Gallows.
    Stream the new record Rêve dans un rêve: 

  • Mix 154


    Mix 154 "Passcards For Graveyards"

    01 Zacherly - Coolest Little Monster
    02 Bert Convy - THe Monster Hop
    03 Gravedigger V - Spooky
    04 Screaming Tribesmen - Date With A Vampire
    05 Minimal Man - Two Little Skeletons
    06 Didjits - Skull Baby
    07 Zemial - Full Moon Necrophillia
    08 Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise
    09 Necropagia - Ancient Slumber
    10 The Bulemics - Harlot From Behind
    11 The Fleshtones - Return To The Haunted House
    12 The Nomads - Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
    13 The Fuzztones - Green Slime
    14 The Phantom Surfers & Dave Allan - Murder Can Be Fun
    15 Condemned 2 Death - Night of the Succubus
    16 Cathedral - Vampire Sun
    17 Acid Witch - Witchblood Cult
    18 The Accused - Wrong Side Of The Grave
    19 ANTISEEN - Walking Dead
    20 Nomeansno - Dead Souls
    21 Half Japanese - Thing With A Hook
    22 Beasts Of Bourbon - Psycho
    23 Monsters - Creature From The Black Lagoon
    24 THe Blobs - Murder
    25 Eddie Thomas - Frankenstein Rock
    26 The Meteors - Michael Myers 
    27 Earl Patterson - Nightmare Hop
    28 Lon Chaney Jr & Ronald Stein - Spider Baby
    29 The Stomachmouths - Something Weird
    30 Cris Kevin - Haunted House
    31 MX-80 Sound - Theme From Halloween
    32 Shockabilly - How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead

    By Pat "Bad News" Hughes

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