Mix 04

Mix 04: Summer Wolves
01 The Beach Boys - Anna Lee, The Healer
02 The Sound -  The Heartland
03 The Summer Hits - Away From The City
04 Leaving Trains - She's Looking At You
05 Incredible Kidda Band - You Belong To Me
06 Rain Parade - Look Around
07 A New Personality - A Essential Things
08 Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon
09 Steel Pole Bathtub - Thru The Windshield of Love
10 Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered
11 Revolving Paint Dream - Green Sea Blue
12 Martha and the Muffins - Swimming
13 Mojave 3 - Return to Sender 

By Max G. Morton
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Beach Boys / Anna Lee, The Healer.
After a long search to find the right learning environment for me, my mother handpicked the most demented preschool on the planet. She thought that it would be bet to have a "laid back" type of surrounding for me to learn how to interact and play nice with others. I was always a step ahead of impatience, and I guess my social problems were foreseen early on. My preschool was run by some alliance of Charlie's Angels, but not the Jujitsu-fighting, handgun wielding, C-cup supermodel kind. They were more of the forehead-swastika, black magic Kool-Aid cup cultish type of girls. A far cry from prime time, these Manson Family reject were naked more often than not. Seeing a flower child in her birthday suit handling various types of firearms at such a tender age really raises the bar for future education. The only male teacher that was there told me that before I could go swimming with the daughter of my mom's best friend, I had to get completely naked and do push-ups on top of her. He also instructed me to make loud animal noises during the act and said that if I did so correctly, then in nine weeks i would be the father of a new puppy. I thought it was a pretty good time and wanted to go for a re-match, but the pig-tailed girl was so traumatized that she went into the closet and ate a bunch of mothballs and was rushed to the emergency room to have her stomach pumped.

The Sound / The Heartland
I met Rose in a aisle at Tower on Sunset. It was a half an hour walk through Hollywood Hotel and nightclub hell from my house to those illuminating yellow and red lights. I was on a mission to replace Jeopardy. Christmas and Thanksgiving will never be the same. Untied trainers and the perfume of Sassy back issues. . .we both need the company.

Summer Hits / Away From the City
Holywood, where had your leading ladies moved to? That was what it had once been famous for, didn't it remember? I had to get out, like OUT. On top of Mulholland Drive I screamed out my favorite hooker's name and wished for the return of the nights. It was those types of nights that had kept me alive and filled me with years of hope. To breathe that air again would have been far better than death, even if I had to make it through a few thousand more nights like all the others, with all the others. The trash palace had permanently vacated. My insides turned a I walked around those homes in the hills knowing that she could be serving a faded star or a lonely unattractive doctor in any one of them. FOr once I was glad that I would never be able to afford that life. The cars raced below me and my head felt more disconnected than ever. The same songs played over and over, just for the ghost of her and I. The air lights up there made this life seem almost worth it. Stay space age, young pretty thing.

Leaving Trains / She's Lookign At You
I was just out of the swimming pool of this hotel that my mother and I were staying in. We we're spending a few days in Orlando with my aunt and cousin. They sprung for the hotel. Their hotel was one of the main Disney one's and our hotel was off grounds miles away. It as already my favorite swimming pool of al time. The smell was addictive, bleach and the girls of summer. Playing Karate Champ with the Leaving Trains tape that I had just scored from a Track dollar tent sale on my headphones thinking about the girl. She was new in town. The crystals my mother hd just bought for me were uncomfortable in my back pocket. I was about to defeat the game when the new girl from class tapped me on the shoulder. She had stalked me from three hours away.

Wolf, you will never look this good again, you will never be this young again. 

Incredible Kidda Band / You Belong to Me
In a farewell to all the records laced with demons, ghosts, and haunted memories stained the atmosphere of Miss Nite City. I put on the double Kidda Band LP for the last dance. I shot the past and in mid play tossed it out the window and fora brief second I felt like a thousand man sent two thousand three hundred years back in time. I had been briefly rejuvenated with a smile knowing that I was about to master the art of leaving without a trace.

Rain Parade / I Look Around
Lisa and I met while waiting for the bus. She was glued to a bottle and a smoke...reading a book that I'd read. I got off at her stop just because. She strategically misplaced her lighter and we got talking. Instead of getting invited in like every other slob, we just fumbled around in circles, punishing one another with awkward little nothings. "Sorry i guess I'm not that drunk yet. Um...fuck, do you want to work nights at the cinema with me?" Lisa cleaned this duel room art house cinema after hours. Sometime we would have parties and watch movies with her friends, other times we wouldn't say a word. Most nights I'd get high and if Lisa was 'that drunk' we'd touch. If not, I'd do it myself in a room that I knew she would have to clean up. It was a baby goose step to rape. By the time I had finally made it to Lisa's room there wasn't much left besides the ghost of a futon, trash, a few different sized inflatable palm trees, more trash, and a Rain Parade record.

A New Personality / A Essential Things
Forever still in love with girls with wrapped up wrists and dead pets in their mother's freezers.

Throwing Muses / Not Too Soon
Everyone wanted to talk to me about her tits but I never really saw them. Well once at a gay bar's 'straight wave' night. She was dancing isolated to "Not Too Soon." An all black wardrobe that perpetually reeked of cloves, and decent record collection, and an E cup... for a moment I thought I was home. That was honestly the only night I saw anything of hers. Yes, we went out (stayed in) for a year but those details are hard to focus on when you're constantly pretending her body's another's. She was just an idea, one that gave me a really good nights sleep. I dated those first hours for almost a year. Come to think about it I've never really dated anyone. Only ideas and those early moments that I thought I had shared with someone. Ironically now I find myself jerking off to her tits at least once a week.

The past is such a grotesque animal.

Steel Pole Bathtub / Thru the Windshield of Love
We had ended up playing motel trying to fuck out the screams of too much speed that were coming from all of the next doors. The screams never stopped in that motel. They placed STD's and clean needles under the pillows. The alarm clocks were set to the neighbors fuck, fight, fuck, fight festival to let us know what we would become if we didn't check out immediately. We've ben here for years.

Another Sunny Day / You Should All Be Murdered
Blizzard winds and the Baltimore road trip where I lived out all of my childhood fantasies of seeing the aftermath of a roadside nuclear apocalypse in the 23rd dimension. Thirteen hours trapped in a car to the same Japanese thrash tape on a journey that was suppose to only take three hours. The roads were covered in ice and carnage. I was nothing but erect for the entire mission. The death on ice show was spectacular and filled with all of the ingredients that you need for the viewing of total war. Random car parts, broken high heels, spinning eighteen-wheelers, dead wildlife, gigantic trees that devour small children blocking the freeway, missing limbs, comedic help signs rapidly being covered by the great white death, hallucinations of the Yeti, were just a few of the dazzling visuals that set the backdrop for the ride of my life. Tomorrowland's newest and greatest attraction the Night of the Comet ride dropped me off in Hoboken at the path station where I ended up lost in a New York fairytale listening to an Another Sunny Day tape that Ivy made for me. The sky was trapped in a sempiternal twilight, there was not a soul on the street and instead of walking all the way east I wandered all the way west to find a side of my town that I never knew existed. With a bag full of records from South Street and a few souvenirs from the Mutter Museum my heart was again full on the most beautiful solitary Manhattan night of my life. Through a joyful march through the cold lands in my head I fell even harder for my past and a night that I had once known.

Revolving Paint Dream, / Green Blue Sea
Reminds me of a girl and a night...just not certain I have met either of them yet.

Martha and the Muffins / Swimming
Water parks and fireworks, hot summer in suburbia. Pissing in the wave pool to the cries of sister's missing bikin top. The chlorine tastes like Aqua Net. Holding my breath until the crotches come to life.

Mojave 3 / Return To Sender
She walked on a different caliber of ice than the set of trust fund street trash. I was in dire need of a girl who was already old at twenty. Hollywood Boulevard sparkled all over her face. She had a mystical pink from flavored porn breath and we were soon re-enacting Valley Girl at the top of Laurel Canyon. She was topless and the diamond in her eye complimented the swastikas in mine. Why couldn't they ever just fall out of the sky on New Year's Eve, all caught up to speed and okay with the complex politics of my complicated world instead the usual with me on top of a rich man's valley drunk on ghetto spirits, half naked and screaming quotes from kult movies that I had loved up until that moment. Well there's no point in exploring apartments that have already been comprehensively analyzed, now is there? Some days I wished I had a red button to press. It wouldn't necessarily have had to always destroy everything. It could just have taken me away. The girl wouldn't shut up. I so wished she was an instrumental track, preferably an outro. It would have been so much better to have gone home alone and jerked off to the look in her eyes. I though about taking the long lonely leap off of Mulholland Drive. One more word and he untouchable valley mall queen of nineteen-eighty-everything's plastic head would explode and give Hollywood and new an improved pain job. Good thing she was no longer valid. I thought about how she would have been way more attractive in a full body cast with her multiple jaws wired shut and kid of got hard all over again. If that had been the case, I might even have taken her to a photo booth. Instead we just kissed. She kept going down. Some girls were more tragic than others. All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing i cannot name and that was not it.

Or go ask New Jersey....Mojave 3 sounds totally different there.