Mix 08

Mix 08: Short Breaths: Songs For Rainy Day Donna
01 Intro
02 Susan Christie - Rainy Day
03 Bob Lind - You Should Have Seen It
04 Anonymous - Up To You
05 Warlus - Girl Like You
06 Tony, Caro, & John - There Are No Greater Heroes
07 Roger Rodier - Am I Supposed to Let It By Again (Above the Covers)
08 Stone Harbour - You'll Be A Star
09 Jackson C. Frank - I Want to Be Alone (Dialogue)
10 Songs of Green Pheasant - Nightfall (For Boris P.)
11 Outro 

By Mike Martinez
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She pushed back and grabbed both of his hands
"I'll tell you again, it never hurts to repeat the truth."
Perhaps it was the day. The color was pale this year. The sky itself was a blue so vivid it seemed forced. Her attention lifted and she moved away from his touch
"If you're not afraid of the end then what are you afraid of..."