Mix 09

Mix 09: Winter Wolves
01 Satan and Deciples - Satan's First Theme
02 Damian and the Criterions - Witches Brew
03 Rikki and The Last Days of Earth - Aleister Crowley
04 October Country - My Girlfriend is a Witch
05 Lou Christie - She Sold Me Magic
06 Children of the Morning - Ku Klux Man
07 Ricky Wilde - Hertfordshire Rock
08 The Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night
09 The Jellies - Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
10 Honey Bane - Guilty
11 Sylvia - Automatic Lover
12 The Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)
13 Magma - De Futura

By Max G. Moton

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Satan and Deciples / Satan's First Theme
She told me that her brother would be coming back to conjure the devil, after they got a few more items and a goat from the county fair, and she said that if I didn't leave they would probably use my virgin blood for their ritual. I took off in fear, but as soon as I got home I couldn't stop fantasizing about what in hell's name they were doing out there. I had a throbbing organ and racing thoughts of a young Debbie and the devil. Did they really abduct a farm animal? Did they actually summon the Dark Lord? What did that bikini smell like and would she ever wear it again, like to school? Did she want to touch like I wanted to touch? When I caught up with Debbie the next day in the halls, she wouldn't tell me anything, and her eyes filled up with terror anytime I brought up the goat.

Damian and the Criterions / Witches Brew
The girl I hated was shakin and talking to her other personality in the corner while putting on way to much makeup. There was nothing sexier than a coked-up clown. The other was on the phone, tryng to find a deliveryman at four in the morning, because we were convinced that we needed backup drugs, just in case. After being rejected by her contact, she cut herself, smashed her fists against the walls, and started crying uncontrollably. I walked upon her while trying to find something to comfort my nose. My first foot forward stepped on her haor while the back of my foor rested on her clavicle. In that brief moment I found ome clarity to the sounds of some blaring female screams. I quickly accepted what my life had become and grabbed the girl who had recently broken my nose by the hair. I dragged her around for a minute, while she giggles and exclaimed weeeee like a child on a carousel. With my foot pressing her face into the grimy floor, I picked up the radio and threw it through the wall. Like Palmetto bugs scrambling from bright light, we started scrambling for anything we could grab to hurl into the walls, trashing what was left of the room. Like in any god drug fueled demolition, one outburst led to another and we began mauling each other. The clown was on all fours in the broken glass and plaster with her panties in her mouth. Puke and spit was leaking out of her mouth, while blood started spewing from her palms and knees. I was behind her, moments away from having a heart attack, while the other just watched, spitting on us.

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth / Aleister Crowley
When the mushrooms came out, I lied and said I did them all the time. I devoured the earthy brew, toasting my hosts before we all chugged down the contents of our cups. They lauhed as I reached for a second, a double dose hat would cause their faces to melt. I became extremely uncomfortable, picking up their cat, who had taken on a strange transformation itself; throwing his liquefied body onto the horrified face of the girl with hollowed out eyes. The groundbreaking moment of psilocybin bravery had arrived, words spewed in the land of no secrets as my venom took hold. How could someone so sick and influential turn into such nothingness. It was time to collect on past equity for time wasted on unfilled nightmares. I grabbed his copy of Helter Skelter and thre it at him. Missing my mark, the book targeted the drab face of his pasty girlfriend, paper cutting her on the cheek. She screamed for him to take the life out of me and he just sat there staring at me like I was insane. I stared back as if he were insane too. He used a stick little kids in the dryers down at the laundromat. When did he become a teenage lobotomy? He used to be a man but somehow transformed into a bag of garbage. Let down, it was time to leave, so i took a nosedive into the next world.

October Country / My Girlfriend Is A Witch
There was no way I was going to retun to New York with the number of a girl that followed me from the betting track to the bathroom of Hung Far Lo. I had no intentions of calling Molly so naturally she tracked me down. As always my icy charms aroused, revolted, and titillated someone into leadin me down another fine mess of desperate living. Molly's phone purr was nice, nice enough to cast me into the lonliness of a long distance lover. The lines she fed into my mouth were just the kind of dirty that I had been foaming for. She was the exact model of what began my initial fascination with her sex. Sitting on a cursed bench rubbing her legs together, sunglasses on and shadowy finger traces of rose madder bruising around her throat, I ignored all the flashing ABORT lights. Only in my stars would you chance meet a former thorn in the rave scene complete with a heavy scrapbook chock full of tits and acid on the night before you move a million miles away. Envelopes filled with childhood glamour shots complete with porno tongue pillow talk scratched into the back of the pictures and home videos of her and her sister in their pre-teens having dry intercourse with stuffed animals was what she sold me. When you sign into that deal you also soon find yourself tiptoeing around the damage of a girl that slept with a large knife used for gutting animals in the Outback under the same pillow that she kept all of her baby teeth. I knew better than to complain, I had it coming.

Lou Christie / She Sold Me Magic
As I walked through the beautiful red-lit underworld, I expected to hear some man shouting "Oh my god, that's my daughter!" The neon excitement in a sailor's kind of town beat the hell out of the roller waitresses at Hot Diggity Dog, There I was not sneaking into an R-rated flick but a real live peep show. With total confidence I ram-rodded a quarter in the slot of the magical booth that reeked of bleach and the unknown. It was like swimming in a gutter. The gate went up and right before my very eyes was a buck-naked vixen pressing her breasts into the glass. She wasn't even phased by how young I was. A whore of a genius she was. As my rust-colored corduroy pants tightened against my thigh, something touched my other leg. There was a short stubby, greasy black finger coming out of a hole in the wall.

Children of the Morning / Ku Klux Man
Homeroom's most notorious waste case, a long black-haired, spike and nail gauntlet wearing red eyed legend showed up with a new outfit that was rather different from his usual denim tuxedo look. His new costume was even a bolder statement for teenage fashion. There he was, wearing an all white glowing gown that covered him from head to toe, Unfortunately, he was not in the middle of some teenage sex change crisis. Cross dressing would have been great, but not as great ad going to school as a Klansmen for Halloween. He looked at the teacher and gave him a not at all subtle Sieg Heil, walked to the back of the room, and plated himself right next to my desk. The whole class would have been silent if it hadn't been for my outburst, for which I was asked to pay the principal a visit. Apparently, he could dress up as a gran wizard, but i couldn't laugh out loud in class.

Ricky Wilde / Hertfordshire Rock
Some of my best nights in NYC were spent on tour but no matter what went on in the world, we always had New York.

Skatt Brothers / Walk the Night
Some of the neighborhood was coming out, lower class insomnia. 5:00 AM had a mind of her own.

The Jellies / Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
Upstairs was the perfect contrast to the hell below where blood mingled with beer and lace. A blue Kentucky girl was destroying the wife of a key player in the British Invasion whom just happened to be on stage and the reason why the room was filled with such perfect hair. There was the familiar sound of bones shattering as blood erupted acros the beak of the British bird. The southern contender was in only a bra and some bondage pants by the time I got her off of the misfortunate wife. She was still swinging as the growing atmosphere subdued to the weight of lonely hearts while I absorbed all of the punched that were intended for her opponent.

Honey Bane / Guilty
? I slammed that bag in the back of the seat of a yellow on the way back to Coney. Watching the fireworks with half open eyes through the back windwo frosted one of the saddest fixes of my career. Nothing works the way it used to. Not even getting rejected. 15 Saint Marks Place bury me with you. Please

Sylvia / Automatic Lover
From Saint Marks to Midtown he rambled on about how I was his beautiful boy. the chosen one sent from Allah, more on how I must have had a lot of men worshippers and how women were poisoned with disease.

The Champ's Boys Orchestra / Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)
I told her about how I would steal bikinis from the all and late at night pretend that they were hers. Who knew all that mushy stuff really worked? She covered my mouth with her weird hand and told me that I could have her ass if I told her that I loved her. Three words later I was finally in her ass. Within seconds she regretted the backdoor invite and yelped for me to stop. I told her that I wouldn't pull out unless she told me about the goat. She refused. Later she told me that I was insane, and violently obsessed with her brother, her old swimwear, and the goat. She stopped talking to me because of my insensitivity to the sore subject of her family's blackest sheep. The locker room gossip about my anal fascinations didn't help my reputation as a punk rock fag, but it also didn't stop my curiosity about her satanic older brother or the firework I had felt from the bottle opener's anal. I would demonically call her house and serenade her by screeching her name or my mother's new age tapes. It was my roundabout way of expressing my love for her. The spell worked and briefly brought her back to the dark side.

Magma / De Futura
Just in case we started to unravel out of our skin, I decided it would be best to get the fast, dark, and scary ride out of the way first. There we were standning in line in a pitch black room, staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and watching the glowing cars zoom by with echoes of gut-wrenching screams. I looked at Sean, who was smiling with a glow-in-the-dark grill, as we were ushered into our carts of doom. And that was when the drugs kicked in all at once. All I could think was that it was happening so fast. I fucking hated roller coasters, I always had, and I couldn't imagine with the sudden rush of way too much LSD changing my mind. We were slowly clinking up the first celestial hill, where in seconds we would be dropped to our dark doom. I turned around from the first cart of the space train, which I was the Captain, and my friend asked me if the ride was fast. I screamed, "Yes, retard, it's fucking Space Mountain!" He nervously informed me that he had thought it was Witch Mountain, and then we dropped and were lost in the darkness.