Mix 103

Mix 103: Last Chats for a Slow Dance
01 Rusted Shut- Heart of hell
02 Amon Düül II- Jail-House-Frog
03 Karen Dalton- Reason to believe
04 Crippled Pilgrims- Down here
05 Current 93- Black ships ate the sky
06 Gene Simmons- See you tonite
07 No trend- Killing me
08 The Dead C- Bitcher
09 Alice Cooper- Caught in a dream
10 Harry Pussy- Youth Problem
11 Supreme Dicks- Forest Song
12 Pas De Deux- Cardiocelptomanie
13 Ministry- Work for Love
14 Pharmakon- Xia Xinfeng
15 Anonymous- Sweet Lilac
16 Psychic TV- Godstar
17 Blue oyster Cult- Debbie Denise
18 EEL-Bars is prisons
19 Slapp Happy- Charlie 'n Charlie
20 Peter Jefferies- On an Unknown Beach

By Joshua Rievel

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