Mix 14

Mix 14: Women With Muscles
01 Chrome - How Many Years Too Soon
02 A Certain Ratio - Shack Up
03 Captain Beefheart + Magic Band - Ashtray Heart
04 Devo - Auto Modown
05 Wire - Culture Vultures
06 Can - Nineteen Century Man
07 Six Fingers Satellite - Sex Transistor
08 Pere Ubu - Cloud 149
09 Wipers - Let's Go Let's Go Away
10 Joy Division - A Means To An End
11 Public Image Ltd. - Socialist
12 James White & The Contortions - Dish It Out
13 The Fall - Middle Mass
14 Section 25 - Girls Don't Count
15 Tubeway Army - Listen To The Sirens

By Eric Paul
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I don't really know how I got there. But when i woke up this morning I had these thick hairless arms wrapped around my waist. I took a deep breath to make sure I was still living and then slivered my way out of the bear hug. Where the fuck am I?
I sat up and looked over at who's arms were holding me captive and saw this jacked up women with dried blood and make-up smeared all over her strong ugly face. I looked around the room to try and find something that would give me clue as to where the fuck I was but all I could recognize was my clothing from last night scattered around the floor, a bottle of my brand Vodka, and a few unridden rails carefully lined up on a mirror hangin half off the night stand.
I stumbled into the bathroom to seek out a mirror that wasn't covered in blow and saw that I too was covered in dried blood and also missing my two front teeth. I had scratches all over my chest and a black eye. I have to stop getting loaded and hooking up with the female body builders I admire at the gym. 

I just never win.