Mix 18

Mix 18: Riviere Merde
01 Eli & Jacnoo - On Dit Des Choses
02 Air Conditioning - Where To Litter/Trash Burning
03 X Ray Pop - Petit Animal
04 Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In the Face
05 Vanessa Paradis - Soldat
06 Swans - Weakling
07 France Gall - Un Prince Charmant
08 Throbbing Gristle - What A Day
09 April March - Cet Air La
10 Brainbombs - To Hurt
11 Lio - Amourex Solitaires
12 Mullah - Nothing

Made by Alex Iezzi
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they say things, people
tell me where to litter
treat me like a small animal.

i've been stabbed in the face
an honorable soldier
but a weakling

I am still prince charming
what a day i had
released mouths of this air

i want to hurt
make them lonely lovers
but instead i do nothing.