Mix 42

Mix 42: 8 Years in a Bedroom: Tales of A Romance Addict
01 John Frusciante (with River Phoenix) - Height Down
02 The Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
03 Sun Kil Moon - Dramamine
04 Belong - Different Heart
05 Grouper - Heavy Water/ I'd Rather Be Sleeping
06 Major Organ And the Adding Machine - Life Forms (Transmission Received)
07 The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Living End
08 Psychedelic Furs - I Wanna Sleep With You
09 The Kinks Waterloo Sunset
10 Marissa Nadler - Baby, I Will Leave You In the Morning
11 The Microphones - I Felt Your Shapes
12 Kind of Like Spitting - Passionate
13 Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster
14 Little Dragon - Twice
15 Deek Hoi - California
16 Beat Happening - Pajama Party in A Haunted Hive
17 Silver Apples - Ruby
18 Kria Brekken - Wildering (Sull Version)
19 Goldfrapp - Happy Trees
20 The Dismemberment Plan - The Jitters
21 Low - Sunflower
22 Magik Markers - Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite
23 Songs Ohia - Redhead
24 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
25 Arab Strap
26 Blonde Redhead - For the Damages
27 Leonard Cohen - Son Long, Marianne
28 The Shirelles - Dedicated to the One I Love

Relationships are weird. Two good months here, a bad fucking, like, year or whatever here. Shit happens, but it's all good. Is it worth it? Are you a sick dreamer? Do you have your shit together? 

I've been crawling around like a dumb animal for 8 years trying to figure out the meaning of it all. I'm still clueless.

These are songs that remind me all the weird shit I went through, said, did, felt, thought... These are songs I put on mixtapes for ladies I loved, thought I loved, ladies I chased. These are songs I put on mixtapes when I was bummed. These are songs from beautiful and grueling car rides to anywhere and nowhere. These are songs that make me feel weird. I like feeling weird, even when it hurts.

Songs stick to you, just like people. I can get over all of it, but I'd never want to forget any of it. Not even for a second.

Mix absolutely dedicated to Lisa & Kirsten.

John Frusciante (with River Phoenix) - Height Down
This song sounds like piggy back rides through the grass in the springtime. It's for the times when you can get high on her sweat.

The Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
Absolute bliss in chaos. You gotta be a little cuckoo; maniacal, perhaps even bloodthirsty and maybe even a stark, raving lunatic. I could see it in your eyes and even better when I looked into your open mouth.

Sun Kil Moon - Dramamine
Mark Kozelek killing a nice Modest Mouse track, and it sounds like a a dopesick passenger-seat car ride away from your beautiful baby. What more do you need?

Belong - Different Heart
This album came to me right before I went to SXSW 2011. I had a lot of fucked up bull-ish going on in my life at the time. This song just makes it all come back, then I feel weird. So, I listen to it on purpose because I like feeling weird. Goddamn, what a weird time. Piss, puke, tears, and regret. Oh god, the regret. Rotten, stinky regret. 

Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Just the prettiest song of all time; no big deal.

Major Organ And The Adding Machine - Life Forms (Transmission Received)
No idea. I don't know anything about this band. I saw this jam on Pitchfork one day and sent it to my girlfriend at the time. However, it always reminds me of better days, or worse days, or something. When I listen to it now, I feel like I'm marching towards a big, fucking blackhole. 

The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Living End
Ultra gnarly burner. It's all an adventure if you want it to be. Life Rippers 4-eva.

The Psychedelic Furs - I Wanna Sleep With You
I think it's pretty self-explanatory. 

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
For the moments when your life is like a Wes Anderson movie... You pick your role but it's definitely classic.

Marissa Nadler - Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning
Ummm yeah. Get sick. Get out of bed. Get a grip. 

The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape
Wow. Ugh. Yeah. I always thought y'know, you could sing this to, like, Zooey Deschanel or some shit... maybe in a kitchen. I'm stupid.

Kind Of Like Spitting - Passionate
I heard this a million years ago on a compilation cd I got in a magazine. I still like it. Whatever. At 28, I kind of want to punch something, but shit... At 17, I wanted to punch something too. Nostalgia darkens the doorway, and you just want to fight the fuck out of it.

Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster
Another band/person/thing I don't know anything about, but I always felt like if they made a film of my love life (all jacked up on steroids, hollywood babylon-style), they'd use this track in the trailer... or something. Probably not. I said that in car once, while this was playing, and was told to shut the fuck up. 

Little Dragon - Twice
I don't know. This one just sounds.. right. What I call "nowadays" doesn't always match the vibe, but when we're talking "my past," it just fits. 

Deek Hoi - California
My ex sent me this song a while back, and I'm usually like "whatever" because I'm a bitter-shit about life and I try to be tuff as fuck, but yeah, this song really stuck to me, so thanks, K. 

Beat Happening - Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
Dude, I shouldn't have to explain anything here. The title alone... Done.

Silver Apples - Ruby
Fucking banjos, wonderful banjos and a voice that is perfect. Night time is the Right time for fucked up car rides where you touch each others' weird spots. Goddamn, I want to die in outer space.

Kría Brekkan - Wildering (Suil Version)
Just one of those songs that melts your skin, face, heart, blood, soul; everything into a puddle and then you're not the same person anymore. It shows. You're goo; a stain that ruins the sheets.

Goldfrapp - Hairy Trees
Addicted to the smell of her hair, addicted to the way she tastes... the way she looks in the morning pouring orange juice, the way she tilts her head back laughing, the way she orders a double whiskey and coke every fucking time, her tits in that one Black Sabbath shirt. Some nights you can lay in the darkness and just talk to her about space. It's those glimpses into perfection that will drive you fucking bananas when it all comes tumbling down. 

The Dismemberment Plan - The Jitters
Oh man, this is one of those bedroom jams, circa 2004. Heavy. Heavy. Heavy. You ever just watch the way a motherfucker breathes -- like,  the way their chest rises and falls as they're falling asleep? You ever touch their hand and hear their voice, and you just know you wanna know them for the rest of your life? Heavy.

Low - Sunflower
I mean, sometimes as you're growing up, shit gets serious... but just sometimes, not all the time.

Magik Markers - Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite
There are times when I think I'm just a total creep, but this song is really lovely.

Songs: Ohia - Redhead
I was drunk once and told Jason Molina something stupid about a girlfriend dumping me after giving her this album, and he told me to "never lose that shirt." I was wearing a pink pearl snap button up that I lost a couple months later. That's that story.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Even If Love
Ummm. Yeah. For real. There's two Bonnie jams that fucking wreck endlessly, like, just absolutely reduce me to a mush pile. This is one of them. Utterly brutal. 

Arab Strap - Go Back To The Sea
Arab Strap is always going to be one of my favorite bands... I think they might be one of the heaviest, realest, most intense bands ever. I kind of wish this mix was nothing but Arab Strap songs. 

Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged
Shit's just real fragile. Everything, in one way or another, is really fragile. This song reminds me of a very specific county road to a very specific house with a very specific bedroom.

Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne
Gofuckyourself. We won't go down in history, but when this is cranked as far as the dial goes, it certainly feels that way. When and if a comet/meteor/whatever is careening towards earth and there's no Bruce Willis to save us, and it's ultimate impending doom, this is the first and last thing we're listening to til we're cosmic dust. I promise.

The Shirelles - Dedicated To The One I Love
Alone in the bedroom, confused, fucked up. Turn the light off and go to sleep, you asshole.

By William Cody Watson

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