Mix 51

Mix 51:  I'm Gonna Beat Up The Next Hippie I See
01 9 Shocks Terror- Attack With A Gasmask
02 Dead Boys- Ain't Nothin' To Do
03 Negative Approach- Nothing
04 Fearless Iranians From Hell- Blow Up The Embassy 
05 GG Allin- You Hate Me And I Hate You
06 Area 51- Over The Edge
07 Void- Time To Die
08 B'Last- It's In My Blood
09 The Dicks- Dicks Hate The Police
10 Citizens Arrest- In The Distance
11 H100's- Knock Your Teeth Out
12 Rudimentary Peni- Blissful Myth
13 Born Against- Organ Of Hope
14 Shitlickers- Warsystem
15 Poison Idea- Pure Hate
16 No Comment- Past Tense
17 YDI- Mad At The World
18 Antidote- Foreign Job-Lot
19 Chronic Sick- There Goes The Neighborhood
20 Rest In Pieces- My Rage
21 Psychos- Rejected Youth
22 Siege- Drop Dead
23 Outburst- No Choice
24 No Trend- Reality Breakdown
25 Skrewdriver- I Don't Like You
26 Last Rights-- So Ends Our Night
27 Urban Waste- No Hope
28 Sheer Terror- Just Can't Hate Enough

After being honored with the duty of throwing together a “pissed mix” for WN, the following tracks were compiled via a long string of text messages between Nick and myself while fucking off at our miserable blue-collar existences, bitching about the ’82 days we never had and the crushingly grim reality of “the future.” This is the soundtrack to the nights when you can’t decide between rope or trigger and wind up scrapping the whole project in favor of killing every other human on the planet. We were promised a tomorrow, but tomorrow never fucking came. Enjoy or don’t.

R. Calamaio, Memorial Day 2012

By Roger Calamaio w/ Nick Iovannoni
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