Mix 69

Mix 69 - Months In a Car, Alone With Your Friends
01  Gelatin Kids - 66 Bus
02  Familiar Haunts - Valium
03  John Thill - Vacant Lot Blues
04  Torn Humorist - Harass Aria
05  Reighnbeau - Splinters
06  M. Sage - Motion Dazzle ii
07  Teaadora - Symbol of the Empty
08  Splinter Cake - Proud Partner
09  Sky Stadium - Blend Into The Horizon
10  Nicole Kidman - Youth & Love
11  Former Selves- Echolalia
12  Cousins - The Web and the Rock
13  BYODeath - Snowy Eyes
14  Stupid Bummed - Fake Memories
15  Chauchat - When I Was Young I Wanted To Do Great Things

I was thinking for awhile about what I'd want to put on a mix that would probably be heard mostly by strangers, about how to reflect who I am in a collection of approximately one dozen songs, about what I'd want to hear if I was driving far away and found some mix I made when there was nothing else to listen to, about what I'd want to show people that I was hanging out with for the first and possibly last time. 

It feels like making mixes for people can be so difficult when there is so much out there and the nuances of what you select can speak volumes, and what wouldn't fit can seem like a void that won't be filled until the next mix you make.

Looking through photos, I started thinking about a moment in September: driving around the forest outside of Portland, Maine to the cabin of new pals where I'd sleep for the night, and how I might never drive this far from Los Angeles ever again in my life. About what it would be like only having one mix in the stereo to get me back home, to make copies of for people I'd be meeting along the way.

That's when choosing these songs became really easy. 

Here are 15 songs by bands and people from across the USA that have shaped me in real ways, in real life. People that I've traveled hundreds or thousands of miles with, locals who blew minds at every show they played in town and hung out all the nights they didn't play. One-time strangers that offered a meal and a couch to sleep on, who have inspired me at shows we played in places like Milwaukee, Oakland, New Jersey, Albuquerque, Chicago and Colorado. People that I was flat out excited to finally be meeting in person after loving their tapes and records. 

This mix is for them and all the other amazing artists I couldn't fit into approximately one dozen songs.
And for sharing with everyone else I've met on the road, or might not ever.

Photo by Kevin Greenspon, taken at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine 9/11/2012

By Kevin Greenspon

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