Mix 84

Mix 84: A Walk to the Steel Cage
01 I Curse You!
02 Motorhead- All the Aces
03 Legion of Doom Theme
04 Earth- High Command
05 Dingo’s Revenge
06 Black Sabbath- Never Say Die
07 The Texas Hangmen Theme
08 Sepultura- Stronger than Hate
09 The Black Scorpion Sends a Message
10 Umberto- Red Dawn
11 The Punisher Theme
12 Bjork- Army of Me
13 Bizarre Threats
14 Scissorfight- Victory Over Horseshit
15 Fabulous Freebird Michael Hayes- Bad Street USA
16 Roky Erickson & The Aliens- Bloody Hammer
17 Do Not Send This Man Money!!

A mix dedicated to the high-flyers, the warpaint, the finishing moves,
the body slams, the headlocks, the tattoos, the leather, the taunts,
the gimmicks, the babyfaces, the heels, the giants, and every single muscle.

By Garrett Crowe

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